Humane Training

I have referrals for highly skilled force-free, positive reinforcement trainers in San Diego County, Oregon, Washington state and beyond. Need help finding a humane trainer in your area? Just ask! This is a complimentary service that I provide.

During animal communication sessions and pet psychic reading I may offer suggestions to support the relationship between you and your animal friends. I offer tips and suggestions vs. in-depth training. I can refer you to others if you would like more hands-on/paws-on 😉 help. The “tips” that I share I refer to as… training with a twist! I actually look at training as education. Not just for your companion animal, but for you too. In fact, mostly for you, or should I say, us! Learning to more clearly communicate with each other is an amazing bonding experience. I believe training is and should be fun! If it’s overwhelming, frustrating and otherwise stressful, getting an outside, neutral, objective opinion may help your process.

If you have a puppy, or dog of any age that jumps up on you, or guests, you may want to read the article at this link. If you have questions about the technique, please let me know. It is 100% humane, simple, and when done correctly, amazingly effective. In actuality, it is so simple, humans tend to complicate it, making it harder than it needs to be. 🙂

Click this link to read a previously published article that includes humane methods of helping to teach a puppy or dog that loves to jump on on people. It is a completely normal behavior for our dog friends. Don’t want them to do it? Check out this simple thing to try for free! Be sure to get all humans on board. Consistency is the key!

I use a foundation of positive reinforcement training combined with animal communication, energy healing, reading and meditation. If you truly want a holistic approach to pet care and companion animal training… this is it! As I mentioned above, I mainly give basic, easy to use, training tips and techniques that are incorporated with an animal communication session. So receiving an animal communication reading is the first step. I share techniques to help enhance your relationship with your pets, while you help them learn to humanely change behaviors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Training is not the main thing that I do. There are others that are much more experienced and skilled in that area. So, if you are looking for a compassionate, experienced, hands-on trainer in your area, or remotely, let me know. I offer a free service to help you find someone that is a good fit for you and your animal friend.

Training time is play time!

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