Psychic means, of the soul. When Sindi does a psychic reading it is a reading of the soul. A connection and communion like no other. It is a spiritual communication between one spiritual being to another. Whether human to human or human to pet. Psychic reading is a way to get in touch with the truth under the words or barks or meows or squawks. The energy, which is the truth is what Sindi will read, interpret and share with you. Non-verbal or telepathic communication and energy healing is also incorporated, as needed.

Sindi covers a lot of territory during her sessions. There is no limit to how many people or animals she may communicate with and read. Whatever fits in the allotted time!

Sessions are recorded and can then be downloaded onto your computer for later review.

I offer psychic readings for animals. Because we impact each other so much, it always involves their people too. I offer readings for companion animals, as well as wild animals in and out of captivity.

Sindi doing a reading at a cat rescue event in 2011.

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