Nutrititious food helps animals and humans alike! Me-ow!

Nutritious food helps animals and humans alike! Meee-ow!

Hello, I am writing to say what a wonderful experience I had using the services provided by Sindi Somers. I originally asked Sindi to assist in determining why my little girl cat was exhibiting some behavioral issues. My vet could only suggest medication as a cure and I was hoping to avoid that. Sindi, in one visit, not only helped us to understand the issues the girl was having but she recognized my cats were eating food which was detrimental to their health. Both of my cats had been suffering with gastro type issues and the vet had changed their diet several times but the issues persisted. My cats have been on the foods suggested by Sindi and they have not had one gastro issue since. They have gained weight, their coats look beautiful and they love their food.

One visit by Sindi changed the lives of my cats for the better and I could not be more thankful. Her ”gift” and wealth of knowledge has indeed given our little family a great gift of good health and happy cats!

– Donna of San Diego, California


YOU are what you eat and so are your companion animals. Simply changing your beloved pet’s diet can eliminate issues including, itchy skin, digestive upset, teeth deterioration and serious health conditions. I offer consultations, education and visits to the pet supply store or grocery store, depending on your individual needs. I am an advocate for raw diets and home cooking, as much as possible for companion animals. However, I can assist with any of your healthy food choices depending on your budget and allowable time commitment. Let me help you help your pets to feel better, look better and be healthier!

Simply changing your animals’ diets can reduce itchy skin, poor digestion and more! Here are some natural, non-medical tips for companion animals with arthritis, achy joints or related injuries from over exercising or physical deterioration. Fish oil and vitamin C are both natural anti-inflammatory supplements, which can help reduce swelling and pain from arthritis and some injuries in both animals and humans. Glucosamine and other sometimes combined components, such as MSM, chondroitin and HA are supplements often used by humans with arthritis or other joint related discomfort or injury. Animals can benefit from the healing properties of these components too.

I am not a veterinarian and these are non-medical claims are based on my personal experience. My favorite products that I have found are at the links below. Nordic Naturals has fish oil products for companion animals and for people. The fish oil comes in soft gels and liquid form. Immune One Joint Mobility is a powder that you can add to your dog or cat’s food. You can also add it to your own food or beverage. That’s right! It is human grade, so you can take it right along with your pets! Not just humans, dogs and cats either. It was originally for horses, and still is. It is recommended for many types of animals. I found the owners to be very helpful resources. They have other products that look beneficial. Joint Mobility is the only one that I have tried personally, however.



Looking for high quality supplements for that which ails your dogs and cats? Check out Animal Essentials at the link below! You can purchase online or at your local, health focused, independently owned pet supply store. Everything from a powdered multi-vitamin and Plant Enzymes & Probiotics formula for healthy digestion to liquid herbal remedies for nearly everything including bladder, kidney and liver health and soothing anxiety.

Animal Essentials

Learn what you need to do to help your animal friend be its healthiest!

Nutritious diets lead to healthy bodies.


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