Sindi meditating with dog in backgroundNew group classes starting September 13th!

One-on-one, couples and group meditation coaching is always available by appointment! Our Zoom session will include instruction, practice and gentle guidance to help you with whatever you need help with in the moment. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Choose a single session or a package at a reduced rate.

The type of meditation that I practice and teach uses simple, powerful techniques that have been on the planet for a very long time. They were taught in the ancient mystery schools in Egypt. Although many of the techniques can be used at any time with your eyes opened or closed, when actively meditating, they are used with an Egyptian posture. I am demonstrating the posture in the photo above, as I meditate, however this particular chair is slightly slanted. It is optimal to be seated in a straight backed chair for this form of meditation. Being seated in this position allows you to have an open system for your energy to flow freely. Sitting comfortably in a straight back chair, you will want your feet to be separated and flat on the floor, and your hands to be separated and resting in your lap.

Founded in the belief that you are spirit, manifesting through a body and also in agreement with physicists that everything is energy, this form of meditation changed my life for the better! It continues to help me everyday. These meditation techniques are tools to help us to be more grounded, centered and in the present moment. They can help us navigate through this world with more ease and confidence. 

I learned these techniques at CDM Spiritual Center. Although based in Everett, Washington, they offer online classes, so no matter where you live, you can participate remotely!

If you have more questions, feel free to contact me.


Learn meditative visualization techniques to assist you to:

  • Relax
  • Rejuvenate
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Sleep
  • Change Habits
  • Achieve Goals
  • Have More Fun
  • Enhance Relationships
  • Feel Better and Be Healthier
  • Experience More Joy and Happiness
  • Have A Greater Sense of Well-Being
  • Create More of What You Want In Your Life


What I hear from many people in response to meditation is 1) “I can’t meditate” and 2) “I’m too busy to do it.”

My response to number one is… yes you can! Anyone and everyone can learn to meditate. The form of meditation that I practice and teach provides tools to help you to let go of distractions and focus in the present moment. I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am also a skilled multi-tasker. So… if I can settle my brain and body enough to sit still and focus, anyone can!

Like anything, it takes practice to build your meditation muscle and teach your body to accept you and the quiet time, but YOU can do it!

As far as number two, you are too busy to not do it! The busier you are, the more likely your life is out of balance and you are experiencing high levels of stress. Meditation can do a lot of things. This includes reducing stress, helping you get in touch with yourself and creating more balance in your life. The techniques that I share and practice can help you change habits, let go of the past and create what you want in your life.

What if I told you that taking the time to meditate can actually help you to seemingly add more time to your day? You can be more productive and focused, as well as get in touch with new ideas through meditation. If you are stuck in any way, meditation can help get you moving again!

I am sharing with you the techniques that have helped me. They have saved me really, in many ways. I continue to use this form of meditation because it works!

Got ??? Email me at or call or text me at 360-601-4358.

The calmer and happier you are, the calmer and happier your pet will be. When we change ourselves, it effects all around us. First and foremost, it effects us. Then all others that we relate to in our lives. Strangers too!

Meditation benefits you and all around you!

Get calm and get happy, learn to meditate!

Contact Sindi to find out about upcoming classes and guided, group meditations!

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Meditation means different things to different people. The form of meditation I practice and teach focuses on visualization techniques. You sit in a chair with feet and hands separate, allowing you to have an open system so your energies flow smoothly. If your friends, family or co-workers want to learn life changing techniques, I can come to you! I also offer public group, guided meditations, as well as classes in Oregon and Washington. When I visit California and other states including, Arizona, I offer events there in person too!

Why wait? Change your life today.

Learn to meditate!


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