I believe all healing is self healing. I work as a catalyst to assist you with your healing process. Psychic reading in and of itself is healing. Below are other healing options for you and your loved ones, including your companion animals.

  • Home and hospital visits and veterinary office and emergency room sessions
  • Aura healings – non-touch cleansing of your aura, chakras and energy system
  • Female healings – help women balance their unique female and male energies and validate their powerful female creative energy.
  • Head channel cleansings – using a neutral cleansing energy time is spent clearing and cleansing the energy channels in the head. This healing can assist anyone, but is especially beneficial for those that experience headaches, including migraines.

I love giving animals healings! For me, spending time with animals, is always a healing in and of itself!

Email Sindi at sindi@apetpsychic.com.


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