End of Life

Clover in front of her husbun, Furrgus.

Clover in front of her husbun, Furrgus.

On Sept 5, 2013 at 2am, my sweet bunny Clover passed away unexpectedly in my arms. I was devastated. She had not been ill. She was a bit off when I got home around 5pm….and by 2am she was gone.

SDHRS (San Diego House Rabbit Society) BunnyFest was Sept 22. When I arrived, the first booth I passed was Sindi’s. I was drawn to her immediately.

My reading was so perfect and allowed me to let go of guilt about her death. It gave me closure and let me know she felt loved and safe in the short time I had her. I could not have moved on without Sindi’s help.

I have attached photos. The one with 2 bunnies is Clover and her doting husbun, Furrgus.

– April from Carlsbad, California

Beautiful Clover.

Beautiful Clover, I wish you well as you continue your spiritual journey. Love to you always.


Thank you so much April for sharing your experience. I’m glad we met at Bunnyfest in San Diego and that I was able to help with your process. I know how difficult saying goodbye to a beloved friend can be. I am so glad you and Clover found each other and were able to share love.

Take care,



One of the most challenging and emotional life experiences can be the death of a loved one. Whether your beloved animal or human companion, the feelings and emotions that accompany the grieving process can be overwhelming and sometimes debilitating. There are many ways to grieve. Since we are each unique beings, our process of letting go will also be unique. Not everyone responds to death and loss in the same way. Although each situation is different, Sindi can assist with what you are going through.

cat-sleeping-reduced croppedHaving experienced numerous losses herself, she understands the turbulent journey. As an energy healer, reader, animal communicator and ordained minister, Sindi is able to provide whatever support you need along the way. She is available for end of life, euthanasia and grief counseling. She can provide assistance through verbal and non-verbal communication, energy healing and reading, as well as providing transportation and helping to make necessary arrangements. If you could use a friend to be with you during a veterinarian appointment or someone to provide support before or during your companion animal’s transition, call Sindi at 360-601-4358. Last minute requests are welcome. Although she may not always be available, Sindi will assist however she can whether in person or long distance any hour of any day. Sindi knows that emergency vet visits don’t happen on a particular schedule.

When in shock and grief it can be difficult to make decisions. Sindi can help you to get in touch with what is best for you and your loved one. Sindi provides on call services to be there with you during your planned veterinary appointments and emergency vet and hospital visits. She is able to help with any aspect of your loved one’s healing processes in life and life’s transitions.

We are spirit. We are souls manifesting through bodies. Whether our body is human, dog, cat, horse, rabbit, lizard or any other living creature, we are spirits in bodies. When the body dies, the soul continues. Our bodies are mortal. Spirit is eternal. This awareness has assisted Sindi through her grieving processes and she would like to help you with yours.

Although we may experience pain and sadness, as we let go of our friends, it can provide solace to know that they still exist. Their body is gone, but as spirit they remain. Sindi can help bridge the gap between you and your human and animal loved ones, while they are on earth and after they have passed on.

If you would like Sindi to be present during your beloved companion’s passing, she would be honored. She not only provides support to you and your human and animal family members, but can provide additional insights, before, during and after the transition.

For more information email or call Sindi.



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