Earth Day, April 22

This is our planet. Ours. Steps to healing planet earth and avoiding further devastation and destruction begin with us. Every single one of us. We are all part of the “Our” in our planet. So we all take part in contributing to the state of our world. Mother Earth. Our planet.

You have most certainly heard the term and at this point in the event’s development, as well as by name alone, you probably have a good idea of the focus of this event. You may even have participated in a celebration, or practiced an environmentally friendly act on your own to acknowledge it. But what exactly is Earth Day?

The first Earth Day happened on April 22, 1970 to increase public awareness of the human actions and behaviors that are harming, and ultimately destroying the planet. This event brought environmentally conscious individuals and groups, as well as those new to the movement, together in support of improved earth health. Visit to learn more about its interesting history. This worldwide celebration continues annually.

Google Earth Day 2022 in your area to find out about about any live events that are happening. There are also virtual events you can participate in. That includes an Earth Day Meditation that I will be facilitating at 7:00 PM PST via Facebook. This free, public, online event is designed for beginning meditators, so all are welcome.

Earth Day’s theme this year is, “Invest in Our Planet.” Learn more about Earth Day 2022 at this link, also on

I like the thought that everyday is Earth Day. Because it really is. It is so easy to go about our day grabbing for an extra paper towel, throwing away a bottle instead of recycling or walking by the piece of trash on the ground. None of us are perfect. All of us are busy. There are many ways to help our planet, whether getting physically involved with volunteering, giving financially to a legitimate, environmentally friendly organization or attending an event in support, as well as for further education. It initially starts however, in our own life. What we do with our trash, what we use to clean, our choice of transportation and more.

It begins with being more aware of what we are doing. We all have habits. Many come about by simply living in a convenience loving society. I recently quit my abundant paper towel habit. I was a self admitted paper towel-aholic. While there may still be an occassional need for a disposable paper towel in my life, for the last 30+ days I have been drying my hands, wiping up spills and doing all that I need to without them, using reusable cloth instead. Why the switch? Did you know that over 51,000 trees are cut down every day because of North America’s paper towel usage? I love trees! It is part of why I moved back to Washington state. I chose trees over paper towels.

Another way to help the earth is by helping ourselves. By acknowledging not just the physical, but also the affects of the energy that we share with the world. By letting go of energies that are harmful to us, by healing ourselves, we are in turn, healing our planet. In tonight’s Earth Day Meditation, we will be grounding, to connect to the earth. Centering in our bodies to be more in the present moment. Releasing unwanted energies so we have more of the energy that we want in our lives and on the planet. We will honor and celebrate the earth and feel more relaxed while doing it! I hope to see you meditating at 7:00 pm PST. Happy Earth Day!

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