A Tortoise Amongst Hares

I learn so much about animals doing my work as a pet psychic and animal communicator. Several years ago I did my first reading on a tortoise. I was able to hold him after the reading. See photo below.

I met Franklin and his mom at an event where I had a booth. It may seem unusual since it was a tortoise, but we met at Bunnyfest in San Diego, California. Bunnyfest is an annual event organized by the San Diego House Rabbit Society. They rescue, care for and rehome rabbits. They do important work and I appreciated the opportunity to offer my services to help raise funds for their non-profit organization.

In addition to talking with passers by, I was offering short sessions at the event. During my reading I was aware of how mellow Franklin was and that he was a grounding force in the home. I believe I used the word Zen during my explanation. He was just so naturally grounded, relaxed and neutral. A calming force, and very wise. It all made sense, as his energy as a tortoise. But I just never thought about it before until I did the reading and looked at his energy using my clairvoyance, my spiritual sight, and my ability to see and interpret energy.

I remember similar happenings with other first time readings of animals, such as when I read a rabbit the first time. Not having the intellectual knowledge, I wasn’t sure if what I was “seeing” psychically made sense, so when I saw how their rabbit wanted to dig, I asked, do rabbits dig? If you are familiar with rabbit behavior you may think that was a dumb question, but at the time, I had limited experience with rabbits. It was my work with SDHRS and readings from my involvement with them that I gained the intellectual knowledge of rabbit behavior to match the information I was gaining from using my other abilities. My spiritual abilities. It was validating to learn that what I was seeing was true intellectually, as well as spiritually, and energetically.

I really consider myself a creature reader. Humans of all ages and wild and tame animals, all creatures big and small. Those still physically present and those that have passed on. If you have questions about any of my services, please feel free to contact me at 360-601-4358 or email me. I hope to hear from you and your animal friends!