Have You Heard of Grounding?

Most likely you have heard someone describe another person using the word grounded. “She seems so grounded and down to earth.” Or “they are scattered and not very grounded.” The word has been a part of our vocabulary in this way for quite some time.

We have also used the word to explain a form of punishment, when a child or teenager is placed on restriction from activities, as being grounded. Electricity also must be grounded to be considered safe. Grounding electricity provides a place for excess electricity to safely go. Into the ground. This helps lessen the chance of fire or another dangerous situation.

So, while there are different uses for the word and derivatives of, what do I mean by grounding? I will be sharing about the simple, yet powerful meditative visualization technique of grounding. It is important to acknowledge, that even in meditation, there are multiple definitions of the word. Such as you will find in mindfulness meditation, where there is a physical technique of pressing your heels into the floor, with the thought that doing this helps you to be more connected with the earth, and helps you to be more physically grounded. In mindfulness, the term grounding, can also mean implementing any behavior that assists with bringing your awareness into the present moment.

While my practice is not the traditional form of “mindfulness meditation,” the style I learned at the CDM Spiritual Center in Everett, Washington emphasizes the importance of being in present time. In classes there, you learn easy ways to be more in the present moment including, focusing on your breathing, the air flowing in and out of your lungs. Experiencing your senses and what your body is feeling. Such as, being aware of smells, tastes, temperatures in your environment, the weight of your body, the clothes on your skin and sights around you. Consciously being aware of the physical reality, will automatically draw your attention into the present moment.

As previously mentioned, grounding, as I am referring to it, is a visualization technique. It connects you, the soul, through your body to the center of the earth. I learned how to ground in this way at CDM Spiritual Center. While this form of grounding can help you physically, by helping your body, it is actually a spiritual technique. Practicing it will further help to bring your attention into the present moment. It is a meditation technique that can be used, not only during meditation, but also during your everyday life, regardless of what activity you are engaged in. Sitting, standing, walking, lying down, working, playing, eating, drinking and literally doing anything else you can think of.

Why would we want to ground and use this spiritual grounding technique? It can help settle the body’s nerves and calm it. It helps the body to feel safe, secure and more confident. It helps us to bring more of our energy into our body and consciously manifest through it. Being grounded can help those suffering from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions that cause disturbance in our lives.

Meditation is experiential, so to understand grounding, one must experience it. As I mentioned, you can use grounding anytime, whether meditating or going about your day. I have included information below to help you experience grounding while meditating. This will help you to focus as you practice the technique.

Sindi meditating
Meditation helps me to feel better, create change and be more present and content in my life. This photo was taken at my friend’s apartment in San Diego, Californiat. That is their dog in the background. 🙂

To begin your meditation, sit in a straight back chair with both feet flat on the floor. Separate your hands and rest them on your lap. Keep your hands and feet separated, while sitting up as straight as your can. This position allows you to have an open system so that your energy can flow freely. It is an Egyptian meditation posture that was taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools in Egypt.

Close your eyes to tune out the visual world around you. We take in so much information with our eyes. Closing them will allow you to focus more fully on yourself, your body and your meditation. Take some nice, slow deep breaths to relax your body and bring your attention more into the present moment.

Be aware of the area near the base of your spine. You have a chakra or energy center here. Be aware of this energy center. Create, imagine, visualize, a flow of energy flowing straight down from the area near the base, the bottom of your spine, your first chakra, all the way down to the center of the earth. This is your grounding cord. Allow your grounding to be securely attached at both ends, your first chakra and the center of the planet.

Take a nice deep breath as you ground to the center of the earth. Be aware of how your body feels as you ground. Is it a different feeling or the same as before? Get a word or two to describe what it’s like to be grounded.

You can be grounded anywhere and anytime, doing any activity. Being grounded will not only help you to be in the present moment, but it will help your body to be less afraid. It will help you to work more in harmony with your body. It will help you to create more of what you want in your life.

Your grounding cord can also be used to release energy. Why would you want to release energy? Don’t we need energy? Physicists have proven that everything is energy. Everything! According to Albert Einstein, perhaps the most well-known physicist in human history, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Your thoughts, emotions, the air you breathe, the ground you walk on, the things you like and don’t like, all are energy.

Energies that you may want to release and let go of down your grounding include, stress, pain, fear, worry and disturbance from the past that may not be benefiting you. When you let go of energy that you don’t want, you make room for more of the energy that you do want.

Be aware of one thing that you want to let go of. It may be tension in your body, anxiety or energy related to something that upsets you. Start to release that unwanted energy down your grounding cord, all the way to the center of the earth. That energy will be recycled to be used again and won’t hurt the planet.

Whenever you become aware of energy that makes you uncomfortable or is disturbing to you, you can simply let it go. Let it flow out of you and down your grounding. You don’t even have to know what it is. Just let it go! As you do this, notice how your body feels. Do you like it? Have you felt this feeling before, or is it new?

Being grounded can help you to have clearer communication with others, including your animal friends. Practice with your animals at home. Not only will being grounded help your body to relax and be calmer, but you will be able to be there, more fully with them and for them, in the present moment. They will appreciate this!

If you would like to learn more about how grounding can help you and all those around you, feel free to contact me. Either via email, or by phone at 360-601-4358.