Everyday is Different

Well if I was tired of any routine, that particular fatigue is gone! Each day of my journey has been unique. Perhaps that is true about everyday of our lives. Though our routines that we grow accustomed to can provide feelings of regularity, familiarity and stability, as well as, at times perhaps, boredom.

Besides drinking water, using the restroom and walking Rock, the most routine thing in my life right now has been driving. Of course, after not having a working car for over eight months, this could be one of those, “be careful what you pray for” moments. Even though I am driving often, every single drive is different. Varied sights, temperatures and smoothness, or should I say, bumpiness of road.

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention eating or visiting Starbucks in my list of most common routines. That is because my eating schedule has been thrown off and I oddly haven’t been drinking coffee daily. I also purchased some of Starbucks packets of instant coffee that have been super convenient! I love them. I bought a package of 12 during the holidays. Each packet is a one cup serving. Just add any temperature of water, stir and you are good to go! Yum and thank you, caffeine!


Thanks to their instant coffee packets, now Starbucks can be everywhere I go!

I’m in a hotel in Las Vegas and I feel like the guest with a million complaints! But they are all legitimate. Well… You decide!

1) My nonsmoking room smelled like smoke. The two women at the front desk gave me an option of the room next door, but it smelled more like smoke than the first one! I was tired and had already brought a load of stuff to the first room, so I opted to just buck up or you might say, go with the flow, and stay there. I wanted to get settled, feed Rock and then feed me, which I did with thin crust pizza with bell pepper and pineapple toppings from Dominoes. It tasted so good to me! I haven’t had Dominoes in a long, long time!

2) I couldn’t get the TV to turn on when I pressed the Power button on the remote. I asked the young woman at the front desk if there was a secret to turning on the TV. She said she would send maintenance over. In the interim I discovered that I needed to press Play and not Power. But of course, haha! I called the front desk to let them know in case any other guests may be similarly technologically challenged. In her defense, I think the woman I spoke to was new and not familiar with the querks of the hotel. 🙂

3) My toilet kept running really loud. Not consistently, so it would be quiet for awhile and then a rush of water would startle me, as I tried to fall asleep. Jiggling the handle did nothing to change it. The nighttime front desk man said that I could turn the water valve off. Okay. I can do that. My 133rd most favorite thing to do in a hotel: turn the toilet water valve on and off, as flushing is needed. Haha! 😉 But it was around 12:40 AM when I called him. Not sure what else he possibly could have done. He gave me a workable solution and one that I hadn’t thought of. So thank you, him! 🙂

So I guess not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Goodnight! Going to get some sleep in preparation of another unique day with my big little trooper. Thanks for reading this post! Have a Wild and/or Tame day!


Rock sleeps where I sleep, but he also has beds all his own. This is his current favorite. I put my shirt in it for him to cuddle on.

Working Road Trip From California to Arizona and Beyond!

I can’t believe it has been over four months since I wrote a blog post. I really can’t believe it! So much has happened during that time, including events and moving out of San Diego to venture on what I am calling a working road trip.

While in Phoenix, my Desert Dog and I explored the land at Dreamy Draw park. Birds and lizards and more, oh my! ;-)

While in Phoenix, my Desert Dog and I explored the land at Dreamy Draw park. Birds and lizards and more, oh my! 😉

Because I am actively working, I am hesitating to call it a vacation. Though it does have some aspects of one. What it has mainly been however, is extremely educational, providing opportunity for personal growth, increased awareness and learning for both of us.

I am so glad to have Rock with me! He is such an amazing trooper and wonderful traveling companion. I feel this adventure has made us even closer and has opened up a whole new level of communication for us.

This dog can sleep anywhere! No need to make the need or in this case neaten up the back seat. My Chi-ROCK-Wah is good to go! Zzzzzz

This dog can sleep anywhere! No need to make the bed or in this case neaten up the back seat. My Chi-Snoozer is good to go! Zzzzzzzzz

After leaving San Diego County earlier this month, I have been back for a few days. I was able to participate in the Blessing of the Animals event in Old Town again this year. What fun!

I am in town until Thursday, then I will be headed back to Arizona to the Sedona area. After offering readings to customers at Sedona Pet Supply a week and a half ago, I will be back there this Saturday doing an Animal Communication presentation and demonstration at 11:00 AM. I will then be offering one on one sessions from 1:00 – 4:00 PM.

140 Coffee Pot Drive
Sedona, Arizona
In the Bashas’ shopping center.


Come see me if you will be in the area! Or… what about a personal growth road trip for you too?! Contact me at 619-797-0705.

Below is a picture of me with gorgeous Ace, the Sedona Pet Supply store cat. An amazing presence!!


 I hope to see you somewhere on my travels in 2015. Happy New Year to you and your animal friends!!