What is Meditation?

Meditation can mean different things to different people. It can indicate time of reflection or deep thought. For some it may be a part of their spiritual practice, while for others it may be a way to help reduce stress and anxiety, give relief from pain or assist with insomnia. Whatever the particular definition, I have one thing to say for certain, it works.

Meditation has helped me and continues to help me in all aspects of my life.

Meditation has helped me and continues to help me in all aspects of my life.

I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon meditation at a young age at CDM, based in Everett, Washington. There are many forms of meditation. I had been exposed to other types that didn’t keep my attention the way my current practice does. Meditation comes in many forms, which is truly an awesome fact. Since not any one thing is for every person, having a variety of meditation styles makes it easier for more people to get into meditation and continue with meditating.

I strongly encourage you to find a form that resonates with you, as I did. Meditation changed my life. It was one of those life saving experiences for me. It continues to offer me assistance during times of challenge and crisis, as well as with my regular everyday activities. More than anything else, meditation gives you the gift of time. Whatever form of meditation you practice or are drawn to, each is an activity to help you take time for yourself.

We have such a busy world. In the United States and other success driven countries, we learn to push forward. Taking even a few minutes everyday to sit quietly may seem near impossible with your already overwhelming schedule. However, I have found that taking that time, actually adds time to my day. How, you may ask. Being busy doesn’t equal being productive. Being busy doesn’t equal being happy. Being busy doesn’t equal being fulfilled. Taking time for myself to meditate, helps me to be more grounded and less scattered, helping me to be calmer and more productive. Meditation is a way for me to gain a more neutral perspective of even the most emotional of experiences. This can help me to be more accepting of sad or painful situations. Meditation helps bring me more into the present moment. It helps me to get to know myself and my purpose. It is very fulfilling to know yourself and your own information and to follow your unique path.

Enjoying nature in the present moment can be a relaxing form of meditation.

Enjoying nature in the present moment can be a relaxing, rejuvenating form of meditation.

My main form of meditation uses techniques to help me to be more grounded to this earth. Grounding is the foundation of all that I do. Centering is another part of my practice, as is releasing unwanted energies and creating change. I also enjoy meditating by simply sitting and watching the rhythm of the waves. Sitting quietly in the forest, listening to the birds and other miracles of nature is a form of meditation too. I close my eyes sometimes during these experiences with nature to better tune into myself, but mainly I just enjoy the moment. In that moment, nothing else matters. In the present moment all that exists is the present moment. That may sound like a silly and very obvious statement, but in our forward pushing world, often the future has our focus. Unresolved issues from our past, can also draw our attention backwards.

We can most effectively use our power, which is our energy and information, in the present. Our power to create is in the here and now. The meditation techniques that I practice and share with others help me to be in the present while dealing with and healing past issues, as well as considering and planning my future. These visualization techniques are tools to help me to be grounded and centered in the present, which helps me to be aware of what is most beneficial for me and my life. Grounding and centering help me to have my power to create what I need and want.

These meditation techniques have been so beneficial in my life I love sharing them with others. If you are not in the San Diego area or near enough for me to come to you, I offer long distance options for all of my services. If you are in San Diego County below is a link to my meditation website with information about an upcoming one hour free class, as well as a more intensive six week class.

Learn more about my upcoming meditation events at MeditateSanDiego.com!

I have also started a San Diego Meditation Meetup Group on Meetup.com. Below is a link to that.

I offer guided meditations at different locations throughout San Diego County!

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